Orphanage Support Division:

Our Orphanage Support Division stands alongside orphanages to help them feed, clothe, house, and educate the children in their care, We seek to provide job training and technology skills to older orphans so they have a chance to escape poverty once they leave orphanages.  

The Bambanani Project: 

We advocate and try to find markets for handmade jewelry from the Bambanani project http://pasturevalley.com/the-bambanani-project/  It takes two days to make five necklaces, starting with rolling shiny magazine pages into beads.  It is a monotonous way to make money and many Americans would give up on it the first hour.  But not the Bambanani women.  They use the funds earned from the handmade jewelry sales to provide community outreach, visiting the sick and dying providing care similar to hospice at no cost to the families. 

Vulnerable Family Support Division:

In our Vulnerable Family Support Division, we select a few families at a time and take them under our wing and continue to help them until they cannot just stand alone, but also pay the help forward to other families we assist in the community.  We give a hand up, not a hand out by initially supplying food, clothing, school uniforms, blankets, medical care, clean water, in some cases electricity, and other necessities.  Once the basic needs are met, we work with the family to establish a cottage industry thus providing the means to support the children in the family. We are not a crisis feeding program, although if a family is starving and we know it, we will certainly provide food to eliminate suffering.  We know we cannot help all the children in Swaziland, but we can help some, and we do. 

Vulnerable Child Assistance:

We currently provide monthly food parcels, clothing, pay school fees, and provide counseling services to over 325 orphaned and vulnerable children.  Teachers and neighbors of children living alone struggling for survival refer the kids to our social worker who does home visits and finds the best ways to help those children who cannot come to an orphanage.  The orphanages are full but the need is still great outside the orphanages.

Preschool Food Support Program:

We provide food to several rural preschools so that children can concentrate on learning instead of being hungry. It is the only food some kids get in a day and they look forward to coming to school.

Ekuthuleni Mission Station:

The mission at Ekuthuleni used to be an orphanage but closed for many years.  During that time, buildings fell into disrepair and it looked like the mission station would never be used and nature would reclaim it.  However, God sent the help needed to make the Ekuthuleni Mission Station a thriving educational center for preschool children, elementary and high school kids who need help with lessons, a computer center to teach high school kids to use technology, and a place to have weekly Bible studies so that kids who probably would not go to church still get to hear about God and see His goodness in their lives. 

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