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How You Can Help:

  • Pray for our children, our caregivers, our missionaries, our teachers, and our staff.  Pray for Swaziland. 

  • Create a market (temporary or permanent) for our Bambanani women's handmade jewelry.

  • Sponsor a child that is going off to college soon and will need monthly funds to succeed. Some of our children are getting old enough to go to South Africa to college (much more affordable there) and will be on their own for the first time (at least the first time as young adults).  $25 or $50 a month to help with living expenses would go a long way toward ensuring success.  Our kids are amazing, and they give back when they get to college.  One of our all-grown-up kids is a missionary in Malawi now.  These children don't want a handout, they want a chance at a real life without the struggle for survival that is common to orphans in Swaziland.

  • Hold a fundraiser to help us with specific projects such as school supplies for our preschools in Sishelweni (the poorest region of Swaziland).  The cost of postage is so terrible that it does no good to collect supplies to mail.  Small boxes easily cost $85 shipping.  Holding fundraisers so we can buy supplies in country is far more productive. 

  • Fund a monthly food parcel for a child in the communities living alone without parents.

  • Put together a team of doctors, builders, computer techies, educators, or some other area of expertise.  Our kids at Pasture Valley love it when teams come to make wonderful things happen.

  • Students: We arrange summer internships at Pasture Valley for college credit.

  • Teachers: Volunteer to teach preschool in the summertime so our teachers get a respite and you get an authentic African experience. We can house you if you can get there!

  • Missionaries:  We have work all over the country for you!  If you can raise the support you will need for 3 months to 3 years, we have a place for you to serve God through children.

  • Donate airline miles.  We have a cultural exchange program and strive to bring bright young people to the United States for a month at a time to explore future opportunities, careers, and expand their horizons.  We conduct this program with airline miles.  We spend no funds for plane tickets because our funds feed hungry kids.  

  • Send a house mother (Mache or Go-Go) a jar of coffee!  Coffee is very expensive there and our house mothers at the orphanages love to get small unexpected gifts, especially coffee.

  • Show our documentary to your church, youth, or women's group.  Help us spread the message of God's love and work going on in Swaziland.  We are grateful to the film crew from Form Films who came to Swaziland from Georgia to make our documentary.  Special thanks also to Andy Waddell, Anthony Young, Ted Crump, and Kevin Campbell for their tireless work to make the movie a professional presentation.

  • Lots of other needs and ways to help.  Contact us for more ideas! 
​Helping Orphans and Vulnerable Families In Swaziland, Africa​


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Pasture Valley Children Missions (EIN 35-2468924) is a tax exempt 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to benefit orphans, orphanages, preschools, elementary schools, and vulnerable families in Swaziland, Africa. 

​Swaziland is a tiny country about the size of New Jersey three quarters surrounded by South Africa, and one quarter by Mozambique.  It is one of the few countries that still has a king. The HIV/AIDS pandemic had stricken up to 43% of the population, the average life expectancy is between 31 and 49 years depending on which report you read, and in a country with just over a million people, over 100,000 children are orphans. Orphan is defined differently in Africa than in the USA and Europe. A single orphan is a child who has lost one parent, and a double orphan is a child who has lost both parents. Either case is traumatic for the child.

​There are almost no families in the country that have no been affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The parent generation is dying, and the grandmother generation is left to raise large numbers of children, many not even related, in a country where women are not respected and have few opportunities for gainful employment.  It is not unusual for households to have in excess of 10 children because grandmother-age women, called "Go-Go" and "Grand Go-Go" in Swaziland, keep taking one more child, then one more child, then one more child. The stress of feeding large numbers of children make the women age prematurely and many seldom smile because they worry a lot about how they are going to take care of all those babies without a job. Sometimes they just go without food for several days because there is no other choice. There is no welfare system in Swaziland, no food stamps, no social security, no SSI, no Medicaid. There is no free education, no school buses, no free and reduced lunches, and no getting passed to the next grade if you don't meet learning objectives. It is a hard life for kids, and especially for the women who raise the children.  

Orphanages have long waiting lists of children who want to get in, and there are thousands of child-led households with no adult present.  In the United States, there is a stigma to foster care and residential facilities, but not in Swaziland.  If a child gets to go to an orphanage, that means they get food every day, have adult supervision so they do not have to be afraid of things that go bump in the night in shacks with no electricity or safety, the opportunity to go to school, and the chance to be a kid again instead of trying to be Mom and Dad to younger siblings and not knowing how.  

The need is great, the resources are not sufficient, and children die daily of starvation, untreated inherited HIV/AIDS, and illness due water-borne diseases and lack of access to medical care. Many of those who survive are victims of crime because they are alone or have no guardian to protect them.

Against that backdrop of impossible odds, Pasture Valley exists to ease the burden, to help children and vulnerable families escape hunger and hopelessness, and to give a hand up, not a hand out, to a better future. We lean on God and depend on Him to provide every need. He has been faithful!